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Road Runner's Tail

Road Runner

This bird is born to run, the Roadrunner can outrun a human, kill a rattlesnake, and survive in the rugged terrain of the Desert in the Southwest USA. Roadrunners reach about two feet in length, with a color scheme that blends well with dusty desert plant life.

Road Runner’s Tail

The roadrunner is a running artform and could be called a thoroughbred because it can reach speeds of 18 mph.

The Roadrunner is most commonly associated with the Looney Tunes’ cartoon character, the Road Runner. Because of the cartoon character’s all-blue feather base and its unique “Meep, Meep” sound, it’s hard to believe there’s a real bird live version of this bird in the real world.

The Roadrunner Art Form

The Road Runner is one of Chuck Jones’ most famous characters. Never having spoken a word ever in the cartoon, he is known and understood throughout the world. The Road Runner character first arrived on the screen in 1949.

I tell students that the secret of drawing the Road Runner is learning how to draw dust: just draw a cloud of dust and hook a Road Runner onto it.

– Chuck Jones, Creator

An ornithologist at the University of Iowa, who is a roadrunner expert, stated that the first question asked by her students every year is, “Does the true roadrunner really go ‘beep-beep’?” and they do not believe her when she tells them that it doesn’t.

Plymouth paid $50,000 to Warner Bros.-Seven Arts to use the Road Runner name and likeness from the cartoon, as well as a “beep, beep” horn, which Plymouth paid $10,000 to develop. Plymouth used the Road Runner Logo from 1968 to 1980.

Many artists and logo designers use the Road Runner for many photography, print and art projects across all types of selling platforms. All in all the Road Runner is probably the most Famous Bird of All Time!

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