Surfing Art

Surfing Art


Surfing, the amazing natural wonder of the ocean freedom, add in mankind trying to master it.  Today Surfing is big business passed down through many industries.  The Sport, The Sponsors, The Artists and of course The Fans of all of them.

Surfing Expression

Surfing brings out the best in physical and mental challenges.  The flip side is the tranquility of nature.

Surfing could be the ultimate challenge and the display of freedom of expression.

Surfing in the Art World brings out the best of creativity, especially in the photography community.

To understand Surf Art, you need to understand the development of the surfer.  Those California and Hawaii Beaches that were the birthplace for American Surfing.  Those free spirit thinkers who developed a knack for riding a piece of wood on some of the craziest waves ever!

These Surfers who are described as far out party animals are now considered Athletes of the Sport.

As you dig deeper into the whole scene,  All they ever wanted was freedom and the ability to be creative under no outside pressure, just their own drive.

Oh, getting back to the art part of things.  The Sun, Surf, individuals in this space have created some of the most awesome tangible art from sea shells, shark teeth and anything else that washes up on the beach. 


The most renown art work is the photographer.  From a boat, board or just floating out there in a wet suit, there have been so so many amazing photographs published in the past 50 years that would take your breath away!

So Surfing Art is so fluid and original, that it touches all the bases for every walk of life.

If you would like to see more of our surfing photograph for framing, please reach out to us.

Infinity Art Studio Team

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